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Mock Jury and Judge Trials

Conduct pre-trial mock jury or mock judge research to gauge reactions to case issues, witnesses, and exhibits, identify case strengths and weaknesses and develop recommendations to guide trial strategy.

Case Strategy

Provide insight and feedback on openings and closing arguments, themes, visual consulting and effective storytelling to maximize persuasion.

In-Trial Observation

Attend court to monitor openings, witness testimony, and/or closings and offer feedback to counsel along with recommendations on trial strategy.

Focus Groups

Research team moderates group discussions to gather in-depth information about juror reactions to key issues, evidence, witnesses and case themes.

Witness Preparation

Help witnesses focus on identifying and delivering the precise message jurors and judges need to hear with the credibility it deserves. Assist with non-verbal, verbal and visual communication.

Shadow Juries

Mock jurors attend court each day and provide daily feedback to a consultant, real time feedback from jury-eligible participants.

Community Surveys

Online and/or phone surveys used to evaluate relevant opinions of jury-qualified members of the trial venue. They provide insight on prevailing attitudes about the parties and key case issues, and can be used as the basis for requesting a change of venue.

Jury Selection

Develop a high-risk juror profile, draft voir dire questions that most effectively identify your worst jurors and draft a Supplemental Juror Questionnaire. Attend jury selection to observe, provide juror insights and offer recommendations on the best use of peremptory strikes.

Post-Trial Interviews

Interviews with actual jurors once the trial is finished to provide valuable insight into “what worked” and what did not.